President Bush's recent visit to the Golden Temple, Kyoto

Dear close Christian friends in RPC,

One of a brother in Mid-west area asked me that whether it was true about President Bush's worshipping idol in Kyoto recently. I answered as follows:

On the way to APEC in Busan, Korea, President Bush visited Japan. His Air Force One landed in Osaka-Itami Airport and he was flying into the Former Imperial Palace in Kyoto using his own helicopter. In the National Kyoto Guest House there, he met Prime Minister Koizumi. They talked about Okinawa Marine base, shift of US military power in Japan, BSE problem, and Japanese SDF in Iraq.

All news media reported President Bush's visit to the Golden Temple, a famous sightseeing spot in North West Kyoto city, with Prime Minister Koizumi on Nov.17.

Yomiuri News says he took off his shoes and went into the main hall of the main idol of the temple, where ordinarily no visitor may be able to step in. He was joking when he was entering there with our prime minister.

Mr. Koizumi took the posture of worshipping in front of the main idol. Mr. Bush seemed to try to imitate and took the same posture, according to Sankei News.

Only Sankei reported about his worshipping the idol with Koizumi. I could not see the second witness among Japanese news media by now. So I am not sure about this 100% and I am not ready to publicize in the Covienet as our prayer request from Japan. So I just send this prayer request to my close friends only.

But if it is true as Sankei reported, I strongly wish to voice the protest against Mr. Bush for his repeated failure of keeping the first and second commandment of the Bible in front of the Japanese public. Japanese serious Christians have been sacrificing many things for the refusal of worshipping idols. His indifference to such serious Christian conscientious matter is incredible. The president did worship at Meiji shrine when he visited Japan before. I personally told to Senator Santrum about this problem. So I also want to voice strongly against the serious ignorance of the advisory stuff around him about such religious concern in Japan.

We are fighting against the reviving national Shintoism, as you know, and Mr. Koizumi is the most stubborn person to keep worshipping there, even though China and Korea are furious against his action. Mr. Koizumi may be a really convenient person for Mr. Bush politically, but as a Christian he must know the danger of national Shintoism of Japan and must voice against the danger of such revival. I am afraid that Mr. Bush might worship at Yasukuni Shrine someday, since at least the facts tell that he does not have conscientious problem of worshipping the idols. Or the people around him had enough persuaded him wrongly to worship idols in Japan repeatedly for US's political interest.

We need to pray for his repentance as a Christian about this, for the welfare of the kingdom of Christ all over the world, for his Christian conscience is important as the one of the most important leader of the world.

Sincerely in His service,
Shigeru Takiura
Okamoto Keiyaku RPC, Kobe Japan

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