Japan Presbytery
Prayer List

  1. Pray for the students of Kobe Theological Hall of Japan Presbytery.
    There are four young men studying at KTH who are starting to aim towards ministry of the word. Two of them are RPs, one just started worship at RP, and another is from a evangelical congregation nearby. Enrollment of Fall semester was 11 course students plus auditors and some graduate students. Thank God for good ministry of Roy Blackwood. Pray for the ministry of Bob McFarland in February and David McKay in April. Pray for the graduates of KTH who serve as elders, who seek to be licensed to preach, who seek to help and serve for the congregations in various ways, and who seek to start branch mission station of the congregation.

  2. Pray for the new RP missionary to Japan, Dr. M. Patricia Boyle.
    She will be a great help by her support to Japanese RP congregations in various ways. She was raised up in Kobe as a missionary kid, so she knows Japan and Japanese people as well as Japanese language well. So she can serve as a good mentor and counselor especially for the youth. She will help stabilizing Japanese RP members' Christian life as well as congregation's fellowship itself. Pray for her housing and regular income as a partly tent-making missionary. She will serve as an effective liaison between Japan and North America. Thank God that she could obtain the missionary visa, and Kobe Women's Univ. has already asked her to teach four hours a week. The faculty of Kobe Theological Hall has asked her to be the Dean of the Student and Prof. of English and Academic Training. Her work starts from January. She is to train Japanese students to prepare for further study in English speaking environment, since it is indispensable and important for them and for the Japanese RP church's future. Her responsibility also includes to support Young RP women's prayer meeting.

  3. Pray for the ministry of Pastor Kanamori at Mukonosoo RPC, Pastor Endo at Kita-Suzurandai RPMC. Pastor and Mrs. Endo is to have their third child. Kasumigaoka RPC is vacant now. Dr.Yamaguchi, Mr.Kato, and Mr.Kitani are elders and among them two are the graduates of KTH. Pray for Pastor Sakai and the re-building project of Higashisuma RPC of the earthquake damaged church building. Thank God for the publication of new "Christ in the Psalms" and of Japanese new edition of Westminster Shorter Catechism with references. Pray for the completion of RP pastors' work of the translation of the RP Constitution.

  4. Pray for the members who are in the hospital, who are in trials spiritually, and for the new comers who are seeking to be baptized. Pray for the non-Christian kids' attendance and interest to the spiritual things, and for the non-Christian family members' conversion. Pray for the youth: their calling, spiritual growth and battle in the pagan society, their building the Christian homes in Japan. Pray for the Japanese nation for its repentance of ungodly ways of the society, especially National Shintoism, Pagan or Ancestor Worship and Revival of Emperolism. Pray for our witness daily and among our neighbors as well as prayerful zeal for evangelism in this city. Pray for the further vision of expansion of the ministry including sending missionary from Japan which already started as a layman's ministry.