1. Dr.Richard Gamble Lectures
    Professor of Systematic Theology
    Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, Fla.

    1. Teacher's Teacher (Th.M.) Seminar

      "Study on the Covenant Theology"

      a. Extensive required readings in English
      b. Lecture and discussion in English
      c. Preparatory and Term Papers in English

      Lecture date: June 10(evening), 16(am9:00-), 21(am9:00-)
      If interested, please contact to KTH(stakiura@nifty.com) immediately.
      The cost for participation will be varied according to the condition.
      The student who completes these requirements may have the way to use
      it for the distant Th.M. in Reformation Studies of Orlando RTS.

    2. Kobe Theological Hall Lecture

      "Introduction to the Systematic Theology"

      Lecture Date: June 11, 15, 17, 18 pm7:00-9:30
      With Japanese Translation (via FM radio)
      Fee: 1000yen/day (RPCJP/KTH members Free)

    3. Other Meetings
      June 13 pm7:00- Sabbath Evening Service Mesaage at KTH Chapel (CCB)
      June 18 pm6:00- Family Concert by the Gamble Family (CCB)

  2. Prof. Jim Pennington Seminar
    Professor of Kobe Theological Hall
    Former Professor of Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary
    Th.M., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
    Missionary of RPCNA to Japan

    "Vision of Church Planting"
    (Based upon the seminar of RTS Orlando)

    Lecture Date: June 21 pm6:30-8:30
    Fee: Free