A serious concern about the on-going war.

About the war, I explained at the prayer meeting here at the Okamoto Covenant(Keiyaku) RPC from Rom.13:5-8 on March 19 evening this week. I have been already talking from Romans at the prayer worship for months, and the text of the night providentially came to this.

The ruler of the nation has the authority from God to govern the people in peace, and also the right and responsibility of sword sometime to face the evil to preserve the life and benefit of the entrusted people. I understand the defense presently needed to the danger of terrorism in the world. But, while I was studying the text, I rather found three serious concerns to this war.

The first concern is whether the president of USA is given from our King Jesus the legitimate authority of ruling or defending other nations without sanction of other countries' legitimate rulers, especially any authorities within the nation concerned itself, or in the neighboring area, or in specific interest, or instead, of the United Nations.

The second is whether it is legitimate to go into the war not on the basis of the immediate threat but of a foreseeable danger without concrete proof proved specifically. This logic is dangerous if it becomes the international consensus code for future similar cases. (India could hit Pakistan at anytime legitimately, or North Korea could hit Okinawa at anytime, for example.) Can September 11 erase all logic and gives USA to go anywhere of the world and achieve peace according to its own standard of peace without sanction of each authorities of nations whom Jesus the king also entrusted the ruling ? The third, if someone could have said Jesus asked the president Bush to rule Iraq, then is he really recognizing now full responsibility from the Lord to preserve the lives of Iraq people, or actually is he possible and ready to take such legitimate responsibility to govern Iraq, without sanction of neither Iraq people nor the United Nations ? Surely in the history the Lord used many kinds of inconsistent power to judge and overrule evil. We see many of such cases in the Bible. But in most case the defeating force was later defeated because of their own sin or inconsistency or unfaithfulness to His covenantal will.

The present nations in the world are not governed by the theocracy like the Old Testament time, but they all are now governing with the authority entrusted from Kingship of Jesus (Kingship of Power) as Christ the king's servant of His present indirect government through them. So for them to study and obey His will and ask His leading first is ultimate necessity for the rightful ruling and the victory.

The victory of USA at the WW2 was not just because of its military power, but of God's gracious approval. We need to recognize the priority of God's grace with awe to God, even in the time we see overwhelming weapons in the hand. Because He, not any other man, is the Lord.

The righteousness and the effort to erase the hatred, which is real cause of terrorism, is always the main task of the ruler.

We, the church, need to pray for the rulers of the nations. Ultimately only real solution is the Christian mission even to Islam, but we must avoid the way of past, the Crusade, which was well used by the Satan to put the deep hatred against Christ's mission in people's heart for centuries. We, the church, must imitate the self-sacrificing way of missionaries to Teutonic tribes from British Isles at the dawn of Christianity in Europe.

Shigeru Takiura
Pastor of Okamoto Keiyaku (Covenant) RPC,
March 22, 2003,
Kobe, Japan