Calvin Conference Japan Presbytery Vision

1)  Recent Prayers 
  a. Missionary / pastor for vacant pulpits 
  b. Kobe Theological Hall & Candidates 
  c. Covenenter Center / Bookroom evangelism 
  d. New Japanese Psalter Publication

2)  Our Visions
  a. Japanese RP CONSTITUTION & Literature Translation and Japanese testimony 
  b. More CONVERSION through our witness 
  c. Renewal and expansion of CONGREGATION 
  d. More faithfulness to the COVENANT:  
      Towards sabbath keeping
       against ancester worhsip
       against non Christian marriage
       against worldly temptations 
       towards christian education of kids
  e. CALLING and training of leaders, and their family worship & catechising 
  f. CHRIST KINGSHIP vs National Shintoism
  g.  CARE PROGRAM for the aged members
  h.  CONSTRUCTION of some buildings
  i.  Missions to CHINA with Korean Church 
  j.  RPinternational CHAIN:  US / UK / Australia