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Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2011
From: Shigeru Takiura
Subject: RP Japan Presbytery News

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

About the Great East Japan Earthquake, RPGMB is moving quickly for the Japan Relief Fund, and asking Japan Presbytery to channel it to the churches of the area for their relief efforts. All gift is to RPGMB Japan Relief Fund.

At first, as you know, RP's hometown Kobe is safe. There has been no shake at all. Our five RP congregations in Kobe area have had no effect from the earth quake, and life is just as usual so far here. In West Japan, electricity is in different system (60 hz. East is 50 hz.) so here is no connection to the lack of electricity of Eastern Japan. Tsunami only came about a feet to Port of Kobe on March 11. Kobe is about 400 miles South West from Tokyo. And the main suffered area is still several or few hundred miles North from Tokyo, so quite far away. The Northern Japan Plate which the earthquakes occurred this time includes Tohoku (Sendai is the main city), Tokyo, and Nagano, But West Japan is on the Eurasian Plate, so it seems no direct affect of this massive earthquake beyond the difference of the plates. There is Mt.Fuji at the border edge of two plates.

We, Japan Presbytery, established the Relief Committee on Monday meeting.

1) The Relief Committee is to aim to support and aid various relief activities of the suffered area's reformed or evangelical churches, mainly OPC Mission and Reformed Church in Japan.

Takiura called Woody Lauer of OPC in Numazu, Shizuoka prefecture. this morning, where another earthquake hit last night. His family and the church are OK. He will be the coordinator of OPC relief mission. Takiura also talked over the phone to Missionary Cummings of OPC in Sendai, Tohoku. His house is in the midst of the desastor of Natori city, But thankfully his house and family are OK. He is trying to seize the situations of nearby reformed congregations. At least Ishinomaki RCJ building was severely damaged by Tsunami. RCJ has Tohoku Presbytery and some of the pastors are my seminary (Kobe Reformed Seminary) class mates. Pastor Shiratsu of Ishinomaki RCJ was one of my classmate there so may be contacted personally for relief work.

2) Our RP Japan Presbytery Relief Comittee is to solicit and send money, to gather and send clothes and other aiding items, to seek possibility of sending some manpower.

Presently most needed thing seems Water, Meals and Warm clothes/Blankets. Power, Gas and Water are out, and today there is snowing in Tohoku. So cold and people are difficult to sleep. Problem is difficulty of transportation. Roads are severely damaged, and also
main Highways are only for Governmental Rescue Forces. Minimun materials have been distributed by Helicopters including from US Air-Craft Carrier Ronald Reagan stayed near the coast of Tohoku. In the snow Self Defense Army of Japan and International Rescue Teams are now searching people in many towns of the Pacific Coast of Tohoku where Tsunami hit. The government is struggling to control atomic plants in Fukushima, but now they are difficult to control. People living close to the plants are asked to evacuate.

3) The committee chair person is Pastor Katsunori Endo: His home town is Sendai, and originally a member of OPC mission church there before he came to Kobe Theological Hall and transferred into RPCNA Jaqpan Presbytery. His sister lives in Sendai's suffered area, but was safe partially because of her room is in 7F of the building. He is to take leadership of this relief activity. Pastor Takiura, Pastor Sakai and a deacon from five RP congregations in Kobe area composes members of the committee. Pastor Takiura has some experience of relief activity in the Great Hanshin Earthquake in 1995. Pastor Sakai has friends, his former students and various connections among RCJ.

4) To receive fund from abroad, there is Japan Reformed Presbyterian Mission account. But since Japan Presbytery Treasury is not supposed to receive any direct help from USA (because of the self-supporting principle of the mission), JP does not have such receiving account. So usually we receive fund like this time through this Mission's Account. If you send any relief fund through us, please send them to GMB's Japan Relief Fund. Our Committee will handle this relief fund with care for the relief through congregations in the suffered area and will report back to GMB about the expenditure later.

Again please pray for grace from God to Japan.

Please pray for our sincere humiliation, hope in Christ and evangelism.

Sincerely in His service,

Shigeru Takiura
Japan Presbytery RPCNA, Relief Committee
Kobe Japan